To make the best Asian style stir fry you need to know how to cook Asian rice. Asian Rice Steamer Machine need to know how to use a rice cooker. A lot of Asian recipes revolve around rice The Bald Chef can teach you how to use an Asian style rice cooker. There are many different brands and styles of rice cookers on the market today. If you don’t own a rice cooker and you want to enjoy cooking a variety of Asian recipes, this might be a good time to invest in one. With an Asian rice cooker your rice will cook perfectly every time. The first step in cooking rice in a rice cooker is to wash the rice in the pot part of the rice steamer two or three time. Then all you have to do is put in the water in proportion to the rice you are cooking. The last step is to put the rice pot back into the steamer and push the button. Watch this how to cook Asian rice recipe and you will master the technique easily. This my friends is the only way to cook rice. There are many types of rice that are used in Asia including Aromatic rice, Jasmine rice, and Wehani rice.

Should You Wash Rice Before Cooking

Many people say you should not wash or rinse rice before cooking. There are two way of looking at the subject of washing rice. The first thought is there may be dirt or talcum powder in the rice that is often grown in foreign countries. I have always washed my rice 4 or 5 time before I Cook it with clean water. If you wash your rice you may wash away healthy nutrients. For me if you are cooking Asian rice I think it is a good idea to rinse and clean the rice before you cook it.