Salsa Verde is a cousin of your regular Mexican Salsa, only it’s made out of tomatillos. This homemade recipe for an incredibly tasty salsa Verde utilizes fire roasted vegetables to create the best green salsa you have tasted. The Bald Chef shows you step by step how to make a salsa Verde that can be utilized for a dipping sauce, a topping for Mexican food, or sauce to cook meat in. The key to this sauce recipe is the fire roasted of the tomatillos, tomato, onion, and garlic. This salsa Verde is finished with fresh lime, sea salt, cilantro, and just a hint of cilantro. This Mexican salsa Verde beats out any store-bought brand you may find, and one fact is, you know exactly what goes into it, no chemicals, just straight up outstanding fiery taste.

Ingredients For Authentic Mexican Salsa Verde

Cooking Instructions For Authentic Mexican Salsa Verde

So if you’re looking for the best recipe on how to make a Mexican salsa Verde you come to the right place. Here is the winning recipe.