If you ever cared to learn how to grill the best teriyaki beef on a stick you’ve landed at the right place.. My recipe for this classic Japanese beef recipe is made into a great appetizer that makes the perfect thing your food peer next outing, party, or barbecue. What a great homemade appetizer this beef teriyaki on a stick makes. I use sirloin steak in this recipe that is sliced thin and marinated in my homemade teriyaki sauce. Then it’s placed on bamboo skewers and grilled  on live charcoal. I will show you step by step how to create the ultimate teriyaki marinade for beef this recipe utilizes the best of Japanese spices including soy sauce, ginger, and sesame seed oil. Once the beef has been properly marinated placed on bamboo skewers it is grilled to perfection

Ingredients For Best Beef Teriyaki On A Stick

Cooking Instructions For Best Beef Teriyaki On A Stick

The end result is the best steak on a stick that money can buy, and you can make this at your house if you only follow my homemade recipe.