Great Bread Recipes

There are many types of bread from around the world. Bread is a staple in France, Germany, and most European Countries. Most of the bread eaten in Europe is baked with wheat and yeast. Some of the most popular breads are sourdough, Wheat Bread, Multi-grain Bread, Baguettes, and Rye Bread and Honey Wheat Bread.
In America the breads we eat are Corn bread, Croissants, Italian Bread, and Jewish rye bread. Bread is made with three basic ingredients: grain, water, and yeast. Around the world bread is eaten by many different people. In America we enjoy bread on a almost daily routine. Wonder bread, Garlic Bread, Texas Toast, Corn Bread, Dinner Rolls, and even Hush puppies. The Bald Chef has started to create a list of his favorite bread recipes, here are some of these bread recipes:

Easy Italian Bread Recipe

Best Italian Garlic Bread Recipe

Best Cowboy Cornbread Recipe

Whole Grain Bread Recipes

Whole grain wheat breads are becoming very popular as people learn the benefits, and become more health conscious about what they are eating. Whole Grain Breads include breads made from Rye, Oats, Whole Wheat, and Barley.

What Are The Steps To Make Bread

Most Bread recipes use Bakers Yeast and Flour to Leavened the bread into a light bread we know today. Most breads are made by also adding Salt, Sugar, and a smallamount of fat such as Cooking Oil or Butter.

Sourdough Bread Recipe

There are many different sourdough breads that you can make in your own kitchen. The Bald Chef has great and delicious using my own Sourdough starters. A good Sourdough starter can last for years, or for more than a hundred years. I have spent time in San Francisco California and eaten the best Sourdough Bread ever. Sourdough are made from starters that is quite different than just Yeast. The starters is a cocktail of Lactobacilli and Yeast. This Cocktail of Starter is a mixture of Flour, Water, Lactobacilli and Yeast.