Chicken Mexican Style With Chili Sauce

Chicken Mexican Style With Chili Sauce recipe is like a Mexican Mole but with Tex Mex overtones. This Mexican chicken dish is best served over cheese rice. This recipe for Mexican chicken is a easy dish to make for a great tasting dinner. If you are looking for a new Chicken recipe that has all the taste of the Southwest you found it here. This recipe for Mexican Chicken is outstanding and easy to cook. The chicken is tender and the Mexican spices in the sauce will make a great dinner.


Ingredients For Making Mexican Chicken

To cook this extremely delicious Mexican chicken recipe you will need the following ingredients:

Cooking Instructions For Making Mexican Chicken

In a stock pot add 1 and 1 /2 quarts water and bring to a boil. Add the 6 chicken thighs, 20 oz’s of crushed tomato sauce, 4 tablespoons Mexican chili powder,1 tablespoon black pepper, and 1 tablespoon cumin. Cook the chicken for about 1/2 a hour and remove the chicken thighs from the Mexican Chicken stock. Set the chicken aside to cool. Add 1 green pepper cut into 1″ cubes, the 1/2 cup fine chopped white onion, 1/2 tablespoon cayenne pepper, and the 1 tablespoon garlic. Reduce the mexican sauce by half and salt to taste. De boned and skin the 6 chicken thighs and shred the chicken meat, and retun to the stock put of reduced sauce.Cook the chicken for 5 more minutes and serve on top of The Bald Chef’s Cheese Rice .