Mixed Drinks And Cocktails From The Bald Chef

As a retired bar owner Glen Izett “The Bald Chef” has a many drink recipes he has made over the years. There are a few mixed drinks that I like. I would like to detail my drink recipes as an on line as a bartender guide here on my web site. Some of the alcoholic cocktail recipes you will find here are all time favorites. If you have a home bar or a bartender these great cocktail recipes that can come in handy. If you are looking for cocktail recipes, non alcoholic cocktail recipes, shooters, or even a great martini you have found a great site. The Bald Chef has some great cocktail recipes that you will find from the classic to the exotic. Think of the Bald Chef as your cocktail master.

Martini Cocktails

Martini’s are the classic cocktail in America. If you like to drink a good martin, and want to learn the art of making a great martini drink with all the different variations check out the link.

Martini Cocktails From The Bald Chef

Shot Recipes By The Bald chef

Need a great shot recipe well the Bald chef has a list of some of the best shot you will ever drink

Shot Or Shooter Recipes

List Of The Bald Best Cocktail Recipes

. Listed here are a few of my unique cocktail creations and how to make them. Just click on a link and find the cocktail direction and mixing instructions. Here is a list of my specialty cocktails:

Brands Of Great Liquors To Make Outstanding Cocktail Recipes

To make an outstanding cocktail you need to use brand name liquor. My cocktail recipes use Gin, Rum, Scotch, Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila, Vodka, and different mixers. Some of my drink includes different liqueurs such as Amaretto, Godiva, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kailua, and Sambuca. You need some skill, some knowledge, and a good sense of humor to be a great host or bartender. Take a look at some of the video cocktail recipes that will show you how to make mixed drinks like a professional. The Bald Chef was made this bartending resource for any one that wants to make a great cocktail. Some of my drinks are served neat, a straight, unaccompanied shot like a fine Scotch whisky. My Favorite Vodka is Grey Goose or Kettle One. When it comes to rum cocktails you can never go wrong with Captain Morgan Rum , or Bacardi® Rum. Rail liquor can be used to make some great cocktails but if you want to make the top of the line cocktails you need to use premium hard liquor. The Bald Chef was a bartender and he knows that if you want the best cocktail start with the finest Liquor. Here is a list of the main types of liquor you need to have to make many types of cocktails

Liquor Types For A Home Bar Or Restaurant

A well stocked bar is key if you want to make great cocktail for your friends or clients. For your basic bar if you want to make simple drinks these are a short list of what you will need to stock. To make great cocktails, shots, and Martinis you need to have on hand this list of liquors, liqueurs, and mixers.

  • Scotch
  • Whiskey
  • Rye
  • Bourbon
  • Rum
  • 151 Rum
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Tequila

In addition to liquors you will also need some liquors’ to make great cocktails and shots and Martinis. This basic list includes these liqueurs.

  • Baileys Irish Cream
  • Amaretto
  • Cointreau
  • Grand Marnier
  • Jägermeister
  • Mexican Kahlua
  • Malibu Rum flavored with Coconut
  • Midori Melon Iiqueur
  • Triple sec
  • Southern Comfort
  • Butterscotch Schnapps
  • Goldschlager Liquor

Other Items Need For Making Great Cocktails

In addition you should have on hand the following mixers. Theses cocktail mixers can be used to make cocktails, shot, and many other types of drinks.

  • Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker
  • Cocktail Bar Spoon
  • Shot Glass
  • Stainless Steel Cocktail Strainer
  • Ice Bucket
  • Glassware including, Rocks Glasses, Martini Glasses,Double Old Fashioned Glasses, and Shot Glasses.
  • Tonic Water, Coke, Ginger Ale, Soda Water, Beer, and Sprite
  • Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Cranberry Juice, and Tomato Juice.
  • Ice both cubed or crushed
  • Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco Sauce
  • Sour Mix, Bitters, Grenadine Syrup For Cocktails
Garnish Your Cocktail, Shot, or Martini With These Garnishments

Presentation is everything when mixing a great cocktail, shot or martini. Here are a few of the Bald Chefs time tested garnishments.

  • Slices of lime, lemon, and a cherry side on a cocktail stick called a sail
  • Olives, which can be filled with anything from nuts to hot peppers
  • Orange peal,apple, lime, maraschino cherries or watermelon
  • umbrellas, tooth picks, and cocktail swizzle sticks