How To Cook And Prepare All Types Of Meat Recipes

The Bald Chef has a few Meat recipes you may find Interesting , because they come from around the World. These Meat recipes come from Asia, Europe, Latin America , or just here in America. The Meat recipes can range from Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Pork, or Seafood. The Bald Chef will show you step by step on how to cook and make some outstanding Meat recipes. Meat is the center of many meals severed around the world. These great Meat recipes can be Grilled, Roasted, Stir Fried, Baked or Steamed . Please take a look at the links to some of my favorite meat recipes. The Bald Chef will focus on the methods, and techniques on how to cook meat dishes to bring out the flavor and taste you are looking for. . If you want to be a carnivore the Bald Chef has your meat recipe.

Best Beef Recipes

Thses are some of my best Beef Recipes:

Best Lamb And Veal Recipes

Thses are some of my best Lamb and Veal Recipes:

Best Chicken Recipes

Are you looking to make the best Chicken recipe , well here some of the best of the best recipes from the Bald Chef when It comes to cooking Chicken

Best Seafood Recipes

This list is some of the best Seafood recipes from the Bald Chef

Best Pork Recipes

Pork is The new White Meat and here is a great list of Pork Recipes:

Types Of Meat Used For Cooking

Some of The Bald Chef’s recipe use beef. In the United States Beef is graded by the USDA, the best beef is graded Prime meaning it is the best beef Available for use in Beef recipes. Prime Beef is very tender, and has a large fat content. Choice Beef is the next meat in the scale of beef there is not as much marbling as in Prime but it is the type of meat you would most often find in your local grocery store. The Bald Chef also uses Pork as well as Chicken in many of his recipes. Other good choices of meat used in my recipes include Lamb, Duck, and Turkey.

The Bald Chef’s Famous Seafood Recipes

The Bald Chef’s Famous Seafood Recipes are a great selection of Seafood recipes including Lobster, Fish, Shellfish, and they are all outstanding click this link to see more of his great recipes Seafood Recipes