This potato chip recipe is one of the best homemade methods you will find on the Internet. Potato chips are in fact America’s number one snack food. Unlike store brought potato chips these homemade potato chips are free of preservatives and other chemicals that no one wants to include in their diet. The Bald Chef will show you step-by-step how to make the best homemade potato chips you’ve ever tasted. Though he only sees as these potato chips with sea salt you can add any flavoring you want including ranch, Cajun, barbecue, or any flavor you might be able to imagine. Give this potato chip recipe a try and you will never buy store-bought potato chips again it’s that easy! The potato chips are fried in peanut oil and they are an extremely thin chip that are fried up Golden Brown.

Ingredients For Best Potato Chip Recipe Homemade

Cooking Instructions For Best Potato Chip Recipe Homemade

These chips work great for a snack at a picnic, at home watching a ballgame, or just for your family. Enjoy this easy recipe that is natural, organic, and probably the healthiest potato chip you’ll ever be able to eat.

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