Classic Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Classic Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe recipe for homemade Chicken Noodle Soup is one of the most comforting foods you can cook for your family. It’s also a great way to cook a healthy dish that if you are a beginner cook or chef to be you should know how to make. Some call this Chicken Noodle Soup Jewish Penicillin. I love soup and my Chicken Noodle Soup is a world class recipe. Rich soup like Chicken Noodle Soup is a great dinner on a cold night served with fresh bread, and this is a stand out meal. Let the Bald Chef show you step by step how to make some incredibly tasty homemade soup. This recipe features Chicken Breasts and Artisan Egg noodles. Let’s make some chicken noodle soup from scratch.


Ingredients For the Bald Chef’s Chicken Noodle Soup

These are the ingredients you will need to make Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup


How To Cook Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

This how to Cook the Bald Chef’s Famous Chicken Noodle soup first in a large Stock Pot pour in 32 Oz Chicken Stock , 1 1/2 cups water, and 4 Garlic Cloves minced bring to a boil. Next step is to place 2 Pounds of Chicken Breasts into the boiling stock. Cook for 20 min minutes when the chicken is cooked remove from the pot and let it cool. Add the 16 oz Wide Dutch Egg Noodles and cook until done ,remove and cool the noodles. De bone the Chicken breasts and cut into cubes of 3/4 inch. Add the Chicken, onions, carrots, and cellery seed, salt, black pepper, to the stock pot. Cook the chicken soup for 5 more minutes. In a bowl place the cooked Dutch noodles and add the chicken soup top with fresh parsley. Now sit back and enjoy your homemade classic Chicken Noodle Soup.

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