Crying Tiger Thai Recipe will show you how to make Crying Tiger a spicy Thai Beef Salad that is a punch. Seur Rong Hai or Crying Tiger is a beef salad that uses grilled steak, lime and spices to make a nice Thai appetizer or main course dinner. Crying Tiger, a Thai dish known as Seua Rong Hai in Thailand,the recipe is best made with prime beef cooked rare cooked over charcoal. When making Crying Tiger the Lime does some of the cooking too.


Ingredients For Making Thai Crying Tiger

These are the ingredients you will need to make this Crying Tiger Thai Recipe.

Instructions For Making Thai Crying Tiger

Marinate the 16 oz of prime Flank steak in black pepper, Thai fish sauce, and garlic for 1 hour. Place the steak on an out door grill or in your broiler and cook the steak medium rare. Remove the flank steak from the grill and cross cut the beef into thin strips. Cut the 1/2 Spanish onion, 2 oz fresh mint leaf and 1 tomato into thin strips. Put the cross cut Flank steak into a bowl and add all the onion, mint, and tomato. Add 2 tabblesppons Thai fish sauce, and the 2 tablespoons dry red Thai crushed hot pepper into the bowl, mix the ingredients thoroughly an place in your refrigerator to cool. Serve the Thai Crying Tiger on rice and enjoy a true dish from Thailand.

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