How To Make Fresh Italian Pasta

How To Make Fresh Italian Pasta is how you make fresh egg pasta from scratch. The Bald Chef shows you the basic recipe to make homemade Italian pasta dough, and roll How To Make Fresh Italian Pasta into fresh pasta. The recipe uses Semolina flour, eggs and some virgin olive oil. Fresh pasta will bring any of your Italian recipes up to the next level. This fresh pasta recipe is easy to make and it goes great with many different types of sauce. You can use this recipe to make Angel Hair pasta, Spaghetti Pasta, Fettuccine, lasagna, or Linguine pasta.

Ingredients For Making Fresh Italian Pasta

Instructions To Make Fresh Italian Pasta

In a food processer add 3 fresh eggs, 2 cups of #1 Semolina Durum Flour, and 2 tablespoons Italian Olive oil. Turn the food processer on and mix the ingredients until you have a nice dough ball. Remove the fresh pasta dough from the mixer and place in plastic wrap to rest for about ½ hour so that the dough fully dough gluttonizes. Then cut the pasta dough into 6 slices and run them through a pasta roller. This should make thin strips of pasta dough, that you can then cut the ends off. On a clean surface add some more Semolina Durum Flour so the freshly cut sheets of pasta don’t stick together. After you have rolled out the pasta in to thin strips, change the roller to a cutter on your pasta machine. At this point you can then cut your pasta dough into Spaghetti,Fettuccine, Linguine, or any pasta style you want. Now it is time to cook your freshly made pasta. What is the best fresh or dryed pasta check this recipe out and you will know the answer!

How To Cook Fresh Italian Pasta

Many people ask me, just exactly how do you cook fresh pasta? Now I am talking about cooking Italian fresh pasta not Asian or other types of pasta. Or other people ask me just how long should I cook fresh pasta? Well the answer is a little more complicated than boiling water and cooking the fresh pasta to taste. The first step to cooking fresh homemade pasta is to use a large 8 quart pot and filling it ¾ full of hot water and put it on the stove over high heat. When the water in the pot come to a full boil you need to add 2 teaspoons of salt (preferably sea salt), and 2-3 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil. Fresh pasta does not have a lot of flavor so the salt helps season the pasta while it cooks. The virgin olive oil helps the pasta from sticking together while cooking. Fresh pasta can be made in many shapes and sizes and each has a different cooking time. For example fresh Angel Hair pasta needs to cook for only 1 1/2 minutes where as fresh Spaghetti or Fettuccini should cook for 4-5 minutes. After your salted water comes to a rapid boil add the fresh pasta making sure it is dusted off from any remaining flour, then turn the heat down just a bit on the stove. Cook your fresh pasta until it is cooked al dente. Cooking pasta. Al dente literally means “to the tooth” in Italian. Use a fork or chopsticks and remove one piece of pasta and check it for tenderness, don’t ever over cook the fresh pasta you will only create a mushy mess. Pour the water and pasta from the pot into a strainer to drain into your sink. Don’t ever rinse the pasta because the sauce will not stick to the fresh Pasta. And that folks is how you cook fresh pasta.

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