The Bald Chef shows you how to make the best known Korean Bulgogi recipe at home. Korean barbecue is very popular in Korea and is often cooked over live charcoal coals. The recipe is for thinly sliced Rib Eye marinated in an Asian barbecue sauce. My Bulgogi recipe is easy to make and tastes great. Then it is barbequed and served with rice. This is a great entry recipe for the world of Korean BBQ, Bulgogi is beef and it tastes great. Though version is made spicy you can also make it mild. The version of Korean Bulgogi I barbecued was marinated in a sauce that included Gochugaru to give them meat a special spicy flavor. Bulgogi in the Korean language means fire beef, and boy does it taste good. If you ever wondered what Korean barbecue was all about the first step is it a try the Bald Chef’s authentic recipe for thinly sliced ribeye cooked over live charcoal, not always it spectacular taste it really shows you what Korean barbecue is all about.


Ingredients For Korean Bulgogi Recipe

If you want to create an barbecue authentic Korean Bulgogi you will need to purchase the following ingredients from your local Asian grocery store:

Cooking Instructions For Korean Bulgogi

This is The Bald Chef’s recipe Korean Bulgogi. To make this outstanding Korean barbecue you must 1st marinate your beef, this will give it its ultimate flavor. In a large bowl add your 2 pounds of thinly sliced ribeye, and add the 3 chopped green onions, egg whites,Ginger, garlic, sugar, soy sauce and the Gochugaru. Mix thoroughly the spices and beef and marinate for at least an hour or better yet overnight. Fire up your barbecue grill and place the Bulgogion the grill cooking it for about a minute and a half per side serve immediately with Rice and enjoy!

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