Recipe For Cajun Bloody Mary is how to make a great hangover cure, the Cajun Bloody Mary Cocktail recipe. This mixed drink features V8 Juice, and quality Vodka. This cocktail easy to make and beats any spicy Bloody Mary mix on the market. New Orleans Louisiana has some of the best tasting cocktails. But this Cajun Bloody Mary is one drink you will I never forget. The bloody Mary was first made by Pete Petiot, an American bartender working at Harry’s New York Bar. With a little change up this drink became the famous as the New Orleans Cajun Bloody Marry. The only reason we added the slap your mama Cajun seasoning is to give it some New Orleans Cajun spice. If you made this drink you will be the talk of the town. Garnish your Cajun Bloody Mary with spicy pickled okra, and a garlic stuffed Green Olive. Nothing gets you up in the morning after a long hard night of drinking in the Big Easy like a Cajun Bloody Mary cocktail.

Ingredients Cajun Bloody Mary

These are the ingredients you will need to make a true Cajun Bloody Mary sstraight out of New Orleans.

How To Make A Cajun Bloody Mary

I start with a 16 ounce glass, wet the rim. Once the rim of the cocktail glass is wet, place a small amount of Slap your Mama Cajun seasoning in a margarita salter completely coat the glass with Cajun seasoning.When the glass coated with Cajun seasoning add crushed ice. In a Boston Tin add 1 1/2 ounces of Absolute Vodka,/2 tablespoon fresh horseradish,5.5 ounces of spicy V-8 Juice, 1/4 of a Lime, 3 rotations of black pepper.Skake the Boston Tin until all of the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Pour the Cajun bloody mixture over the ice. Take a cocktail spear, and place two spicy pickled okra pieces, and one Green Olive iinto the cocktail for a true Cajun garnish.





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