Recipe For Great Tasting Japanese are a great appetizer. In Japan they are known as Gyuniku Negimak. These Beef rolls are easy to make and is a great finger food. The recipe for Japanese Beef Rolls or Gyuniku Negimak is made by using thinly sliced beef and rolling in Sesame Leaves, Shitake Mushrooms, Julienned Carrots, and Green Onions. The beef rolls are then stir fried in oil and served with Japanese Soy based dipping sauce. I have eaten this dish in some Japanese restaurants in Japan, but I have never seen it here in the USA. Watch this video and it will show you how to make this nice little easy Japanese appetizer. This is a great finger food for any party. Japanese Beef rolls can also be filled with Shiitake Mushrooms, Sesame Leaves, Green Onion, or Asparagus. This recipe will show you how to make a real Japanese Beef Roll or Gyuniku Negimak. The Wagyu Beef known as “Kobe Beef” is the ultimate cut of Japanese Beef and using this cut would bring this recipe up to a new level.

Ingredients For Making Japanese Beef Rolls

These are the ingredients you will need to buy to make these great Japanese Beef Rolls:





Cooking Instructions For Making Japanese Beef Rolls Gyuniku Negimak

Using thin sliced Beef season the Beef with Salt and Pepper and Japanese Soy Sauce. Take the seasoned Beef and roll 1 Sesame Leave, some cut Shitake Mushrooms Green Onions,and carrots. In a fry pan add 1 tablespoon virgin olive oil and stir fry the Japanese Beef Rolls for one minute and serve. These are great finger food for any party.

Diping Sauce For Gyuniku Negimak

These Japanese Beef Rolls when cooked need a little sauce to kick the flavor up. Use a good Soy based sauce.

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