Great Soup And Stew Recipes By The Bald Chef

The Bald Chef presents a variety of both soup and stew recipes that are sure to delight your family. Stewing is a method of slow-cooking meat to achieve a tender cut, while soup is a dish that flavors the broth while cooking meat or vegetables. Stews are generally more hearty and filling, while soups tend to be lighter. The Bald Chef offers a diverse range of global soup and stew recipes, including a homemade Beef Stew and various chili recipes.

Great Soup Recipes

There are many types of soup recipes that are cooked and served today, including broths, chowders, bisques, chilled soups, and main course soups. My personal favorite is chowder, with great recipes for both New England and Manhattan Clam Chowder. Some of the most popular soups in America include Chicken Noodle Soup, Beef Barley Soup, Cajun Gumbo, Ham and Leek Soup, Potato Soup, and French Onion Soup. Additionally, there are many international soup recipes from around the world:

Great Stew Recipes

There are two types of stews white stews called blanquettes that are made from veal, lamb, or beef that is only blanched, and then browned, after the stew meat is browned with flour and then stock or wine is added. Some of the most loved stews are Hungarian Goulash, Beef Bourguignon Stew and Ratatouille; a French vegetable stew. One of my best recipes is a Seafood Stew. One stand out stew recipe from Vietnam is Bo Kho and you need to give this recipe a try! Also I like international Stews and American Stew recipes like: